What I’ve Been Up To!

Hey everyone! I’d just like to update you all on what has been going on around here!

School, sports, theater, fiddle group and private fiddle lessons have been consuming my life lately! I haven’t gotten in any performances, as school is my number one priority during this time. I have been working on some new pieces for my upcoming summer performances, and am excited to get out there and continue raising money for our military!

We have updated the calendar here on this page with what performances I have booked. We’ve got some other things we are working on as well, so please check back often, or check out my facebook page!

Don’t forget: May is Military Appreciation Month!!!

Holiday Season

We’d like to take the time to say thank you to all of you who have supported Kali! You generous donations, words of encouragement, asking her to perform for you….our hearts are full. We’d also like to thank whomever it was who nominated her for “Student of the Year” at our local Chamber Awards. It was an honor to have her on the ballot at just 12 years old!

The holiday season is a time to spend with loved ones. We’d like to remind everyone to remember those who are not able to come home for the holiday season. We know first hand how tough it is to have one stationed overseas during the holidays. We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday season!

Farmers Market

In September we set up a booth at our local Farmers Market. Kali played her fiddle and talked about her organization. It was a slow day, but we still had fun…especially talking with those local Veterans who came by! We hope to do this again next year!

IMG_5893_web IMG_5894_web IMG_5895_web IMG_5896_web IMG_5898_web

Go Fund Me

We have added a gofundme link to the following tabs at the top:

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“Who Are Your Donations Going To?” tab

Click on the link to make a donation. We’ve also added the link to our Facebook page!

Idaho State Veterans Home Performance

This has been a performance Kali has waited for….playing for those who have served our great country! We had a small crowd (I believe it was nap time since we showed up after lunch), but those who were there showed such enthusiasm! We had one gentleman who was the first to clap and would yell out, “Good job!” after every song! Before we had gone I had asked that they let us know about volunteering. A gentleman brought us a booklet and talked to me about either doing it once, or being full-time volunteers…Kali had heard and was wide-eyed shaking her head up and down. It was decided that we would volunteer as much as we could. After her performance many of the Veterans came over to her table. We had set up some pictures of her brother, and had her organization cards there. There were many kind words, questions again about her brother and what she loved most….a salute, soft hands who reached out to hold hers, and a kiss blown by a hero and one statement……”Man, that took me back to a good time in my life!” This gentleman had a family band. His dad played the fiddle, and he played the guitar. This statement is EXACTLY why Kali wanted to do this! Thank you to these brave men and women! We hope to see you soon!

IMG_5575_web IMG_5576_web IMG_5577_web IMG_5578_web IMG_5579_web


Performance at McCall Senior Center

Kali had a performance last week at the McCall Senior Center. Her great-grandmother attends various functions held there so we thought it would be nice to go up and play for them. The Senior Center was full, and while Kali was being nice by trying to wait for everyone to be seated, we decided we probably should just go ahead and get started. We were both amazed at how many actual fiddle tunes everyone knew. There was lots of humming, singing  and swaying with these beautiful people! During Kali’s performance she takes time out to talk about things she likes to do when not fiddling, what she wants to do when she graduates, her organization and her family…..mostly her brother. Well, most who know us know ……well let’s just say it….we are bawl babies! This night was no exception! Kali started talking about her brother and his injury he suffered in Afghanistan….I see her look over at me still smiling, and she takes a deep breath and continues. There is another look, and still smiling…then she lifts her arm as if she’s wiping sweat off her forehead…nope! The tears started flowing! Normally when she talks about her brother she may mention that she also had a grandpa whom she never met that committed suicide (he is also a Marine Veteran who served in Vietnam). Once my sweet girl got to this part she was sobbing, so much so she couldn’t talk. That’s when the small chatter that was going on came to an abrupt halt! Yep, everyone either sat or stood still, focusing on my brave girl who was trying so hard to stop sobbing, but she just couldn’t! While I’m grabbing for a napkin (yes to dry my drenched face) I can hear the, “Oh no’s”….I knew then that they had thought the worst. I looked up at her…her great grandma had run up to the front of the room and stood by her while rubbing her back. Gosh dang if that didn’t get to me too! I look around and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! Kali finally was able to get it under control to finish talking when all of a sudden everyone started clapping and standing up. Crap! In the midst of more tears I was able to think….”Get your butt up and get a picture of this!” She finished with her last piece of music, a patriotic medley. Whew! We made it! We were blessed with many kind words: comments about how poised she is at such a young age, what a big heart she has, how proud I must be, questions about my son/her brother and his recovery, ideas on where she should attend college, people asking for her website (yes, I forgot her business cards) and most importantly……they graciously dug into their hearts and their pockets and sent Kali home with $180 for the Semper Fi Fund!!! Let me tell you…it may have been one of the most touching performances she has given, but she was on cloud 9 on our drive home! This is exactly why she wants to do it! When she tells people about this performance one gentleman always gets mentioned. I can’t remember his name, but he was in a wheelchair and was one of the first people to ask how her brother was. He was concerned, because he himself is one of our nations heroes…a Vietnam Veteran, who also had been injured. God Bless you sir and thank you for your service! Now for some pictures….

IMG_5479_web  IMG_5480_web  IMG_5483_web   IMG_5481_web

IMG_5484_web  IMG_5486_web   IMG_5485_web


Sad to say, but there has been a change in who we are donating to. I won’t go into specifics, but we are now at three target charities. Thank you to those who understand what she is doing, and how we are running it! It is VERY hard for us to pick specific charity dates, as she is doing this based on performances and people booking her for events.

NOTE: We are still donating to Semper Fi Fund, Gary Sinise Foundation and Wyakin Warrior Foundation